Monday, August 27, 2018

Akikan is a good show with a weird/dumb premise, and I love it


"Akikan" is a powerfully stupid anime about a "war" between sentient, anthropomorphized, steel and aluminum drink cans organized by a small but somewhat influential government agency. These humanoid-cans are called "Akikan". They aren't robots, but rather advanced and powerful human-like cans with superhuman abilities. The reason for this supposed war, called he "Akikan Elect", is to figure out which kind of can should be eliminated from the market place. 

I adore this series. It's so cute and dumb as to be endearing. It's also really funny. The animation is choppy sometimes, but the voice-acting is so over-the-top, and the dialogue so preposterous that I can't help but become engaged with the idiocy going on. Even though there's a plot to this series, I don't really feel like that plot matters all that much. There are action scenes, and conflicts, but this show is more like a sitcom. It's all about the ridiculous characters and their reactions to things. The main conflict of the Akikan Elect hardly matters. 

Melon (a can of melon soda), the main Akikan, is full of personality and is short tempered and free-spirited. Yell (a Gatorade like sports drink), is a duty bound and subservient Akikan; she's almost like a soldier. There's a decent amount of conflict between the two characters, since they're both different kinds of cans, but they're more like frenemies.

My main attraction to this show, aside from it's premise, was how it was so difficult to obtain on DVD. It's strange to think that this series was so rare to find out in the wild, or even online. I remember eBay sellers trying to sell used copies at prices that were clearly trying to bank on the rarity of it. I'm not sure when it occurred, but sometime a few years ago all the DVD's dropped down to normal price. Maybe there was a re-release of it on DVD; maybe there was a warehouse full of them; I have no idea. 

Oh, I forgot to mention the main hero of this series Kakeru. Most of the real humor derives from his eccentric nature. He's loud, perverted, and says very strange things. Often he'll be talking to himself, so stay attentive when he speaks and you'll see what I mean. Kakeru, by the way, collects cans as a hobby. It's not the strangest hobby, especially in Japan where collectible bottles and cans are always on the market place. I just found it somewhat humorous how this hobby of his was mentioned only in the first episode, and never talked about again. Why even make it a part of his personality if it never comes into play again? 

This show is weird, but it does have a sort of devoted following. If you Google search "Akikan", eventually you'll stumble upon fan art and even OC's based on this show. Maybe I should create my own "can-sona" and join the fandom? 

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