Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Let's learn subpar English with Ribbon-chan!

So, this series is kind of a trip. It's definitely heavily influenced by "Moetan", even having the legendary POP work on the character designs, but it sort of came out of nowhere and left no impact during it's run. And even though there are two seasons of it, "Maji de Otaku na English! Ribbon-chan" isn't popular at all. There is absolutely zero merchandise to coincide with this show, which is odd because Japanese animation companies will produce any kind of merch to promote a show. I suspect these characters all appear in an illustration book by POP, since I was able to find a high quality image of Nerd (below.)

Still, as usual, I love it. Why must I be so attracted to strange and obscure shows like this. Each episode is less than or about 4 minutes long, and usually end with an FAQ session with the characters Nerd (the wanna-be magical girl) and Valko (the main villain of the series.)

The first season isn't about the show itself, but rather, it's about the cast trying to find the budget to actually make their show. The first episode shows an action sequence from the final episode, which was really quite dramatic, but it also took up all of their budget. By episode two they're going to conventions trying to raise more money for their animation, just to lose it all again by episode three because they spent it all on a vacation and booze. We finally see the opening theme song by episode 6 or 7, and that shows us how serious and dramatic this show was "meant to be"; it's so dark and brutal actually, the lead characters are all in shock. 

So, in all honesty, this show is essentially pointless, but I love it.The actual plot of the show is about a student, Ribbon, who's terrible at speaking English, but has to use English skills to battle evil forces. That's why the show still takes breaks to do a quick English lesson, but, the English they use is quite bad and unusable. Again though, this show isn't about that at all, it's just a show with those characters trying to find the money to make that show. It's a dumb joke, and if this show ever came to the US officially, I think it'd have a cult following.

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