Saturday, September 1, 2018

Learning a Universal Language of Notes and Rests

I've wanted to mess around with vocaloids for a while now.

I never got crazy into the vocaloid scene, even if I did think the designs were neat. I don't think I even really understood what vocaloids were until maybe a year or two ago and while I never got way into looking up songs or getting into specific vocaloid characters, I really loved the concept of a virtual singer.

I ended up in some film making classes in high school, and while I didn't know much about film making (Due to not taking the prerequisite classes) I did enjoy mixing soundtracks for our awful student films in Garageband. I'd also taken some music classes in middle school, but none of the information has stuck with me over the years.

So I've started looking into the basics of how music works and how to make it. I may take a class next semester if it fits into my schedule, but there's plenty of resources online to teach me the same stuff for free, so we'll see where I end up. 

Either way, it's something I plan to pursue learning, and I guess the whole reason I'm writing about it here is so that there's some form of accountability. I tend to want to learn things and then get quickly distracted and move on to something else. So I want you all to wish me luck, and I hope in the future I can present you all with a musical gift brought back from this cyber adventure.

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