Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Why is SSSS Gridman the BEST show?

After a long hiatus, finally another post.

So I'm not totally down with the constant rebooting of nostalgic shows and concepts. In fact, I'm somewhat fed up with it all; I think I've reached a point where I'm no longer amazed by what's being made. A lot of reboots play it safe, or, lose a lot of the magic that made the original so great. That all being said, I feel like the new series  "SSS Gridman" gets it. I mean, it really knows what it wants to be. 

So like most Americans, I grew up with "Super Human Samurai Syber Squad", which was of course a "Power Rangers"-like show about a bunch of teens fighting evil monsters in the internet. The monsters were created by a misanthropic teenager who teamed up with the evil Kilokhan, who was some sort of internet demon. "SSS Gridman" is the same exact show; group of teens versus a misanthropic teen who is teamed up with some sort of internet demon (and as far as I know, it's still Kilokhan.) The "SSSS" in the title by the way seems to be a nod to "Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad".

What makes it different? Well it's animated for one, the original was a live-action show. The action is really amazing and quite devastating because instead of fighting in the Internet world, the battles in SSS take place in the real world! And, there are ramifications; civilians die and are erased from recent history. With every battle there's a change to the population, and to a degree, the timeline the characters exist in. 

And so far, the monsters haven't left me disappointing at all. All the kaiju characters are animated to look like they're suits being worn by some suit-actor. As an added bonus, they actually look like kaiju that were designed in an older era; going in I was afraid they'd be overly designed and look too busy like a lot of modern kaiju do, but these monsters look classic. 

The human cast is pretty interesting too, and they're written to feel like real people caught in a confusing war where they have minimal control over what happens. The stand out, and my favorite character is Akane who is a very well liked and respected student in high school, but, is actually the co-creator of the kaiju who are terrorizing the city. She's very, very petty, but also really likable. She has a charm and really does a good job in following in the steps of Syd Forrestor, the character from the live-action SSSS from the 1990's.

So far I'm only three episodes in, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of this show. I'm rooting for Akane every step of the way, but I hope Gridman fights hard too.

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